Aviso de Privacidad

Privacy Notice

Pintado Perez Meza y Cía S.C. is commited to protecting the privacy of your personal information collected by us. This entity is domiciled at: Av Sayil Sm. 6 Mz. 5 Lt. 2 int 1001
C.P. 77500 Municipo Benito Juarez,
Cancun Quintana Roo.
Phone: (998) 415 03 05
Email: contacto@ppmycia.com

Pintado Perez Meza y Cía S.C. may collect your personal information as necessary for the following purposes:

For Customers:
1. Providing you the services required;
2. Informing you about changes or new services related to the services provided;
3. For fulfillment of our terms and conditions in compliance with the provision of our services;
4. Evaluating the quality of the services provided;
5. Activities including payroll services or personal managing;
6. Sending you electronic invoices related to our services provided.

For Potential Customers:
1. Collecting information for preparing and offering a service proposal;
2. Sending the service proposal according to the information provided by you.

For Hiring Employees:
1. Preparing hiring contracts;
2. Evaluating employees' technical performance;
3. Anything related to employees' managing (Payment of salaries, Fiscal ID, employee's benefits such as Life Insurance, Medical Insurance, Social Security, etc.).

For Job Applicants:
1. Collecting information for evaluation and hiring processes;
2. Exchanging applicants' information with other firms by previous applicant's written authorization.

We may collect your personal information through different sources, either personal and/or directly provided by you or indirectly by any other available sources of information including email, our firm's website, other firms' directories, recruiting and employment agencies' websites, employment bureaus, job centers, etc.

Information collected from Customers and/or Potential Customers may include:
1. Full name;
2. Tax ID (RFC);
3. Unique Population Registry Code (CURP) –when applicable-;
4. Fiscal Address;
5. Phone Number;
6. Email;
7. Financial, Fiscal and Accounting information needed to perform the duties contracted by the parties according to the service proposal.

Information collected from Employees and/or Applicants may include:
1. Full name;
2. Fiscal ID (RFC);
3. Unique Population Registry Code (CURP);
4. Address;
5. Phone Number;
6. Email;
7. Current Salary, Salary Requested;
8. Work History;
9. Academic Training;
10. Personal/Professional References.

Sensitive Information:
In order to fulfilling the purposes included herein, the information collected will be considered as sensitive when it refers to:

For Customers (in order to fulfilling duties contracted according services proposal):
1. Electronic Signature's User, Digital Certificates and Password (FIEL);
2. Electronic Code (Password formerly CIECF).

For Employees (in order to protect our co-workers' integrity in case of an emergency):
1. Health Status, including:
1. Blood Group;
2. Allergies;
3. Illnesses and Injuries.

The information we gather will be treated confidentially. We are committed to protecting the privacy of your information. Your personal information shall be kept strictly confidential according to security, administrative, technical and physical measures implemented for such purpose.

In case you may want to have access to the information we have about you or the use given by the firm as well as to verify, correct or cancel such information when needed or whenever you may consider that information is unnecessary for the purposes herein or, is being used for different purposes than those included herein or, the employment relationship has been concluded, or the recruiting process has been closed, please proceed as instructed hereunder:

1. Send your application via email addressed to: contacto@ppmycia.com
2. Application must include:
1. Full Name;
2. Email;
3. Request.

We commit to respond to any such written request in writing to the address or email provided in your written request within 7 days.

You information may be shared to third parties only for the purposes specified hereunder:

For Customers:
1. To fulfilling and complying duties according to services proposal.

For Employees and Job Applicants:
1. For personal managing;
2. For professional exchange with other firms (written authorization by the employee/job applicant will be required);
3. For recruiting processes.

We reserve the right to change or update this private notice at any time in order to meet and comply the provisions of the Federal Law for Protection of Personal Information in the Possession of Private Parties and Regulations Thereof as well as our internal policies and/or the scope of the service proposal/employment agreement held between the parties.

Any updates to this privacy notice will be reflected on the version posted on our internet website www.ppmycia.com.

Date of issuance of last update: January 21st, 2019.

By submitting your personal information to us, you consent that we may collect, use and disclose your personal information as described in this privacy notice.